Human Resources Consultancy

HR Reviews & Audits

The HR Review & Audit provides an unbiased and expert understanding of your organizational culture. We explore organizational strengths, possible gaps and opportunities as it relates to the employee experience, the employment process, policies, procedures and legislated requirements. Through this process we identify core competency areas, uncover critical gaps and provide strategic recommendations that fit the culture and direction of the organization. Our aim is to provide a clear path to the success of your company based on a solid understanding of areas of both strengths and opportunity.


The last thing you need is to get diverted by a people issue and find your processes and paperwork have holes in them. With Inspired HR, we’ve got you covered. We know keeping up with all of the relevant legislation can be very challenging. We help ease the burden of keeping up with the numerous local, provincial and federal laws and requirements by assessing and updating your current policies, developing plans for improving ongoing compliance efforts in particular areas, and ensuring awareness of current legal regulations that affect the employment relationship. We can help you avoid costly fines and potentially damaging effects on your organization’s reputation by keeping you in full compliance.

Compensation Review & Planning

Determining compensation packages involves balancing both the needs of the organization as well as the individual employee. Our team is experienced in providing full compensation reviews, benchmarking, salary surveys and HR data analytics to determine exactly what you need. We help plan the use of base pay as well as short and long term incentive programs to drive organizational performance. We can also provide specific compensation functions such as executive compensation design, payroll and benefits, and annual pay and bonus review programs.

Workplace Investigations

Our team is experienced and effective in helping you mitigate potential risk to your business and people. We specialize in conducting workplace investigations from discrimination to bullying to sexual harassment and workplace health and safety. We understand that these situations can be challenging, but failing to conduct a proper investigation can lead to damaging results, both financially and to the reputation of the organization. Our fair and professional approach ensures the morale and trust amongst your team are kept intact.