Inspired HR Vancouver

Vancouver’s forward-thinking business leaders know that attracting the right talent is crucial. At Inspired HR, we have proven success in industry-driven talent solutions with wide-ranging proficiency in HR consulting and the Vancouver Human Resources sector. We work closely with our clients to find educated, innovative, skilled individuals, which meet the needs of Vancouver’s diverse industries.

For Vancouver businesses, sustaining and growing their success is critical. For the small to mid-sized Vancouver business who may have little or no in-house Human Resource expertise, we will be your virtual Human Resource department. We work the way you do: in-house, off-site, on the road or a blend of all three.

Inspired HR works with organizations in some of the fastest growing sectors in Vancouver: technology, hospitality, construction, entertainment, finance, and investment. For these niche areas we lend our expertise in navigating business development and investment in human capital.

With a comprehensive method to Human Resources planning, we will identify current and future Human Resources needs for your organization to achieve its goals. Our operational approach is unique and customized based on the requirements of your business. We provide a thorough assessment, solution recommendations, plan development, executive coaching, and flawless execution. We will work with you to understand your business, values, and corporate culture to help maximize the value of your biggest asset, your people.

At Inspired HR, we develop your employment brand to attract top talent and implement strategies to grow your organization as a top employer. Hiring and employee retention in Vancouver remains a critical component because of the acute labour and staffing shortage across the province, which is having a significant impact on business operations. We will implement staffing solutions that suggest best practices and new strategies to source qualified candidates.

This ever-increasing shortage of talent has lead to the increasing need for organizations to strengthen their employer brand. Our employment brand development process will help your organization not only for long-term hiring needs but also building a global reputation, both of which will help your bottom line.

Our dedicated team takes pride in staying conversant in the latest industry trends and business developments to provide expert advice in human capital strategy and HR consulting. Considered one of the top Outsourced HR Vancouver firms, our team is ready to help meet the unique needs of our city’s business leaders. We provide dedicated, knowledgeable professionals who know that innovation, creativity and sustainability is front and foremost for growth in our city.

Contact us today for a free consultation or to learn more about how Inspired HR can help grow your Vancouver business.